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Recommended local schools teaching English

Frontistirio Xenon Glosson Portarinou (Portarinou Foreign Languages School) provides quality classroom teaching in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish


Podcasts are a relatively new phenomenon and can be useful for learning better English if they are chosen carefully. A podcast is a show, with music or without, in which the presenter talks about a subject which interests him or her. The show is then uploaded to the World Wide Web and is available for download by anyone anywhere in the world. Below are two podcasts I listen to regularly which you may find both useful and enjoyable. You can download shows directly to your computer (in mp3 format) or download and install an aggregator program, such as iPodder, which will download the shows to your computer automatically (only recommended if you have broadband Internet access).

Top of the PodsTop of the Pods - Jon and Rob in Peterborough are two friends who do top ten lists that are invariably very funny and very well-produced. They choose a subject, make a list of their ten favourite things about that and then discuss them, going from ten down to number one, their favourite of all. They produce a podcast most weekdays and have been my favourite listening for most of 2005. You can also send in your own list by email for them to produce a show on, check their site for details. Very highly recommended!

The Richard Vobes Radio ShowThe Richard Vobes Radio Show - Richard Vobes is an entertainer who lives in Worthing, on the south coast of England, and he does a daily podcast show which is very entertaining and very professionally produced. Daily podcasts are a rarity, as they are time-consuming to make, but Richard manages it day in, day out, and his shows are always very slick and amusing. Together with his daughter Georgie and friend Jimmy, he looks into various subjects, does interesting interviews with people about their jobs, their lives and their experiences. Every so often he does a soundseeing tour, in which he visits a place of interest locally and describes it, often talking with people connected with it. Richard also has certain theme shows, about food, famous murders, beer and suchlike. You can even watch him live as he makes the show on his live streaming webcam. Check out his site for more details. A very enjoyable show!