Come on in...!

Welcome to the Teaching REAL English website, which offers you information, services and downloads related to my English teaching service.  Based in Kilkis, Northern Greece, I offer a quality English language teaching service at all levels and for all needs, backed up by thirty years of EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teaching experience. Given the increasing importance of the English language in Greece, it is of the utmost importance that the student be taught to communicate both effectively and accurately, in speech and in writing. 

Special emphasis is placed on both verbal and written communication skills in the service provided, in strong contrast with the common Greek frontistirio (language school) approach of teaching reams of grammar at the expense of speaking and writing skills.  It has long been my experience that students taught in many frontistiria have simply been set grammar to learn and little or no actual speaking in English is done, with the inevitable and tragic result that they cannot speak (and often understand a native speaker speaking) English even after many years of study.  In contrast with the teaching work done in the majority of frontistiria, my lessons are conducted as far as possible in English.

Modern technological resources, including DVD and web-based material, are central to the learning experience.  200Mbps upload and download broadband fibre optic internet access is available in all teaching sessions, and the use of state-of-the-art mp3 recording equipment during teaching sessions enables students to walk away with an audio copy of the session on their portable hard drive, CD or flash memory, or to download it at will from this website, a service unparalleled locally.  Full email and web-based backup is provided to students, such as downloadable extra study materials and extra practice authentic source audio material from the radio and other authentic sources.  All this is part of the package provided to students.  Full details of how lessons are conducted are to be found in the Services section of this website.